Huge Savings

The For Sale By Owner real estate marketing platform presented by Realty 123 Inc. has been very productive their clients.  The For Sale By Owner is saving thousands of commission dollars on every transaction when they utilize the Flat Fee Listing Service offered by Realty 123 Inc..  With traditional commission rates at 5% – 6%, Realty 123 Inc’s Flat Fee listing service eliminates the almost 3% – 4% that is required to run the big company model.  Realty 123 Inc. will post your home on the same real estate search engine websites and syndicated real estate websites.  Realty 123 Inc. also allows broker reciprocity, which allows any and all participating brokers to post Realty 123 Inc.’s listings (Your Home) on their site to give you added market exposure without costing tens of thousands of dollars.  Long Island homeowners are saving a boat load of money by selling their home on their own or with assistance of a cooperating NYS licensed real estate agent / broker.

There are many companies offering a flat fee listing service for the Long Island homeowner, but not many if any at all offer the products that enhance your homes online appearance, market exposure and availability to be seen and sold at the highest price and in the shortest period of time.

Please note that there are several things that attribute to a successful sale. Location, school district, condition, size, updates are all obvious.  Many miss the point made by most realtors as to Pricing (current market value) your to sell, rather then just putting it in the market to see what they will get.  Many homeowners think they’ll start high and reduce the price as time goes on.  This is a BIG mistake.  You are missing buyers that are buying a home that is priced right (at market value).  Buyers know the market.  Today’s buyer has an abundance of sales information from their buyer’s agent and the internet in general.  Understand your communities market value, look at recent sales.  Recent sales must be of homes that are similar in every aspect.

Realty 123 Inc. informs their clients as to what the market value of an area is with current sales that have closed.

Realty 123 Inc’s Flat Fee – For Sale By Owner program is a great way to simply SAVE THOUSANDS of DOLLARS.  The only way to put more money in your pocket is to pay less in commission fees.  Your home is only worth what someone is willing to pay, higher commission fees are not going to change that.  Price your home at market value and you will give yourself the best chance at seeing the most offers which will be the highest offers in the shortest period of time.  And remember you are now in the business of selling your home, keep it professional not personal, it’s not personal to the buyer yet.  The buyer needs to see themselves living in the home first, then they will make an offer, then the rest is up to you.

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