2016 Nassau County Real Estate Market Report

If you are a homeowner and you think you can do the work that a real estate listing agent can do, then For Sale By Owner is the correct way to move forward when selling your home.  The For Sale By Owner process can be very financially rewarding.  Many of our clients save 3% – 6% of the sale price when selling their home.

Chart_Nassau County Average Sales Price 8-15-16

Nassau County homeowner’s potential savings listed below.


Listing With a Typical Full Service Broker Fee of 6%

July 2106 average sales price was $576,593.

$576,593 x .06 = $34,595.58

Net sales price = $541,997.42


For Sale By Owner with MLS agent / broker assistance at 3%                                                             (1% to Realty 123 & 2% to the MLS agent / broker)

$576,593 x .03 = $17,297.79

Net sales price = $559,295.21


Realty 123’s Full Service 5 Star Listing Program Listed (Until Your Home Sells)

Realty 123 is paid $495 flat listing fee & 1/2 percent when sold minus the original flat fee.

If an MLS agent/broker finds the buyer the fee is additional 2%.


Realty 123’s 5 Star Program

576,593 x .005 = $2,882.97 (Your $495. flat fee is subtracted at closing)

Net sales price = $573,710.03


If an MLS agent assist with finding the buyer (2% fee is added)

576,593 x 2.005 = $14,414.83

Net sales price = $562,178.17


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